Non-separable center of a lattice (Solved)

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Author(s): Porton, Victor
Subject: Algebra
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Posted by: porton
on: September 11th, 2008
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I will call center $ Z(\mathfrak{A}) $ of a bounded distributive lattice $ \mathfrak{A} $ the sublattice of all complemented elements of $ \mathfrak{A} $.

I will call a bounded distributive lattice $ \mathfrak{A} $ a lattice with separable center when $$\forall x,y\in\mathfrak{A}: (x\cap y=0\Rightarrow \exists X\in Z(\mathfrak{A}):(x\subseteq X\wedge X\cap y = 0)) .$$

Equivalently a bounded distributive lattice with separable center is such a bounded distributive lattice $ \mathfrak{A} $ that $$\forall x,y\in\mathfrak{A}:(x\cap y=0\Rightarrow\exists X,Y\in Z(\mathfrak{A}):(x\subseteq X\wedge y\subseteq Y\wedge X\cap Y = 0)) .$$

Conjecture   There exist bounded distributive lattices which are not with separable center.

(Previously this problem was erroneously stated without the word distributive, it is corrected now.)

This conjecture follows from William Elliot's post in sci.math and the criterion of a lattice to be distributive, see here.

So the problem solves positively.

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