Goldbach Conjecture

I saw that you removed & changed the text that I provided. For the conjecture that's OK. But I protest the removal of my suggestion of a proof (using semigroup theory and carry extension). I put it back, in shorter form, and I hope you have the decency to leave it there for interested readers, who can of course comment on it. I understand that you don't want contamination with trash, but the residue-and-carry method that is used in the proof is also used for a short FLT proof (mod p^k + carry extension), which was published nov.2005 by the Acta Mathematica of Univ. Bratislava ( pp169-184), so this approach can be taken seriously. My Goldbach proof is already several months in review at another Acta Mathematica which can take years, in view of the 2 years it took Bratislava to collect enough courage to place the short FLT proof (a theorem that in 10x longer and indirect fashion was already published by A.Wiles in 1995 ;-)


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