Proposed topics (cont 1)

(continuation of previous post)

I suggest changing the topic "Complexity" to "Computational Complexity Theory" as this is the proper name of the field. "Complexity Theory" could also be confused with a number of fields with similar names.

I suggest changing the topic "Coding Theory" to "Information Theory" as it is a broader topic and "Coding Theory" can be introduced as a subtopic if necessary. We have to accept a good deal of overlap for problem garden to work.

Additional topics of Theoretical Computer Science:

    \item(!?) Automata, Languages, and Computability. These (sub)topics may instead go under "Complexity" or "Logic", or a combination thereof. Topics: **! Automata and formal Languages; **? Recursion Theory \item(??) Artificial Intelligence Topic: **! Machine Learning (this area has good mathematical problems)

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