Proposed topics (cont 2)

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Subtopics of algorithms:

    \item(!?) Algorithms > Data Structures Large category with plenty of overlap. Whenever possible, a problem should go into a more specific category. \item(!) Algorithms > Approximation Algorithms Medium size. Somewhat important as a category. \item() Algorithms > Graph Algorithms I suggest moving/duplicating this subtopic from Graph Theory or else one may argue that there should be similar "Algorithms" subtopics in the other subjects. \item(?) Algorithms > Mathematical Programming Medium size. Important as a category. Some overlap with approximation and numerical analysis. \item(?) Algorithms > Quantum Computation Medium size. Hot topic. Somewhat important as a category. \item(??) Algorithms > Scientific Computation This is a broad area that might be split into their own subtopics or even its own topic if enough problems are posted.

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