Regarding the Tyte's proof I

Regarding the Tyte's proof I have received three enthusiastic comments-contributions, pointing out that while the averaging step made by Alan is questionable, maybe this approach shows where to look for in the solution of this Conjecture. These first three comments are from Chris Nash, Fabrice Marchant and Leadhyena Inrandomtan:

"About Alan Tyte's proof : all the beginning up to "Lemma 5" is right but there are 2 errors in the end of the proof, after each "Hence, on the average :" because we do not know the way our beloved Ds are spanned : no reason to be sure they are put at the same rate between x and x^2 than between a whole pattern. However, I think the idea of the proof with As, Bs ... is great and I'll try to work in the way of Alan." (F. Marchant)


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