Twin Prime Conjecture


I see a reference to a proof called Tyte's proof but saw no details on it. When I click on the link, it only gives me the same page that I'm already on.

Also, I could not get any additional details about the following post:

On January 10th, 2011 Hugh Barker says: I've added a thread here, linking to an attempted proof of Twin Primes and the Polignac conjecture in general.

Will receive any input, debunking etc gratefully.

I am most interested in searching for any attempted proofs of the twin prime conjecture. I believe that I have a proof, but anticipate clearly filling in some details.

The core idea in our proof is that we specify exactly a lower bound for the number of twin primes less than a given integer, N, and that this lower bound goes to infinity as N goes to infinity.



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