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Monovalued reloid restricted to atomic filterPorton✭✭0Topologyporton
Outer reloid of direct product of filtersPorton✭✭0Topologyporton
Composition of reloids expressed through atomic reloidsPorton✭✭0Topologyporton
Characterization of monovalued reloids with atomic domainsPorton✭✭0Topologyporton
Domain and image of inner reloidPorton✭✭0Topologyporton
Join of oblique productsPorton✭✭0Topologyporton
Upgrading a multifuncoidPorton✭✭0Topologyporton
Distributivity of inward reloid over composition of funcoidsPorton✭✭0Topologyporton
Values of a multifuncoid on atomsPorton✭✭0Topologyporton
Distributivity of a lattice of funcoids is not provable without axiom of choicePorton0Topologyporton
A construction of direct product in the category of continuous maps between endo-funcoidsPorton✭✭✭0Topologyporton
Every monovalued reloid is metamonovaluedPorton✭✭0Topologyporton
Coatoms of the lattice of funcoidsPorton0Topologyporton
Inner reloid through the lattice GammaPorton✭✭0Topologyporton
Restricting a reloid to lattice Gamma before converting it into a funcoidPorton✭✭0Topologyporton
Funcoid corresponding to reloid through lattice GammaPorton✭✭0Topologyporton
Domain and image for Gamma-reloidPorton✭✭0Topologyporton
Entourages of a composition of funcoidsPorton✭✭0Topologyporton
Do filters complementive to a given filter form a complete lattice?Porton✭✭0Unsortedporton
Pseudodifference of filter objectsPorton✭✭0Unsortedporton
Co-separability of filter objectsPorton✭✭0Unsortedporton
Chain-meet-closed setsPorton✭✭0Unsortedporton