Erdős-Posa property for long directed cycles

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Posted by: fhavet
on: June 25th, 2013
Conjecture   Let $ \ell \geq 2 $ be an integer. For every integer $ n\geq 0 $, there exists an integer $ t_n=t_n(\ell) $ such that for every digraph $ D $, either $ D $ has a $ n $ pairwise-disjoint directed cycles of length at least $ \ell $, or there exists a set $ T $ of at most $ t_n $ vertices such that $ D-T $ has no directed cycles of length at least $ \ell $.

The case $ \ell=2 $ has been proved by Reed et al. [RRST], hence solving a conjecture of Gallai [G] and Younger [Y]. The case $ \ell=2 $ and $ n=2 $ has previously been solved by McCuaig [M], who proved that $ t_2(2)=3 $. Havet and Maia [HM] proved the case $ \ell=3 $.

The analogous statement for undirected graph has been proved by Birmelé, Bondy and Reed [BBR], hence generalizing Erdős-Posa [EP] result for $ \ell =3 $.


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