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Point sets with no empty pentagonWood1David Wood
A conjecture on iterated circumcentresGoddyn✭✭1mdevos
Big Line or Big Clique in Planar Point SetsKara; Por; Wood✭✭1David Wood
Average diameter of a bounded cell of a simple arrangementDeza; Terlaky; Zinchenko✭✭0deza
Continous analogue of Hirsch conjectureDeza; Terlaky; Zinchenko✭✭0Polytopesdeza
Convex 'Fair' Partitions Of Convex PolygonsNandakumar; Ramana✭✭1Nandakumar
Edge-Colouring Geometric Complete GraphsHurtado✭✭1David Wood
Partition of Complete Geometric Graph into Plane Trees✭✭0David Wood
Covering a square with unit squares✭✭0Martin Erickson
Extension complexity of (convex) polygons✭✭0PolytopesDOT
Convex uniform 5-polytopes✭✭1ACW
Partitioning the Projective PlaneNoel✭✭1Jon Noel
Dirac's ConjectureDirac✭✭0David Wood
General position subsetsGowers✭✭0David Wood
Generalised Empty Hexagon ConjectureWood✭✭1David Wood
Chromatic number of associahedronFabila-Monroy; Flores-Penaloza; Huemer; Hurtado; Urrutia; Wood✭✭1David Wood
Convex Equipartitions with Extreme PerimeterNandakumar✭✭1Nandakumar
Edge-Unfolding Convex PolyhedraShephard✭✭0Erik Demaine
Fat 4-polytopesEppstein; Kuperberg; Ziegler✭✭✭0Polytopesmdevos
Cube-Simplex conjectureKalai✭✭✭0Polytopesmdevos
Dense rational distance sets in the planeUlam✭✭✭0mdevos
Jacobian ConjectureKeller✭✭✭0Algebraic GeometryCharles
Simplexity of the n-cube✭✭✭1mdevos
Kneser–Poulsen conjectureKneser; Poulsen✭✭✭0tchow
Erdös-Szekeres conjectureErdos; Szekeres✭✭✭0mdevos
Monochromatic empty triangles✭✭✭0mdevos
Inequality of the means✭✭✭0mdevos
Durer's ConjectureDurer; Shephard✭✭✭1Polytopesdmoskovich
The Hodge ConjectureHodge✭✭✭✭0Algebraic GeometryCharles
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